//Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic Cutting Boards


As one of top commercial cutting board manufacturers & bamboo cutting board maker, Bettermag offers restaurant cutting boards wholesale & home cutting block supply at various sizes. In 2015, local government named us creditable cutting board suppliers. Bettermag make custom brand, package & logos for customers. While Food safety is most important! Our color coded cutting boards reduces the chance of cross-contamination when you prepare the food. This high density & BPA-free plastic cutting board will make meal preparation more healthier, sanitary, and easier. So if you are looking for good cutting board factory to wholesale cutting boards in custom size, we are the right one for you.

Bettermag will always improve ourselves to be your best kitchen board suppliers!


  • * BPA Free and Hypoallergenic
  • * Dishwasher Safe
  • * Gentle on Knives and Cutlery
  • * 100% Quality Guarantee
  • * Stain-resistant & Non-skid
  • * Resistant to bending, chipping and cracking
  • * Hhygienic & Healthy
  • * Super High Density Plastic material